Our Perspective

Our Story

We’re a team of exceptional entrepreneurs and developers out to change the way shoppers get second opinions online.

Avi Tillu, CEO

Avi is an ideator, who builds solutions to everyday problems. He is a Maths scholar from Oxford University, and has worked at Goldman Sachs (Investment Banking), Boston Consulting Group and Citadel (Product Structuring).He was Vice-President of Oxford Entrepreneurs and recently appointed a Founder of the Future by the UK government’s Founders Forum initiative.

Kevin Ling, CTO

Kevin is an experienced software developer and solution architect who is a Senior Developer and Team Lead at Detica. He is one of the leading Javascript developers in the UK, with a particular interest in data security. He has a degree in Electronic Engineering from Imperial College and has built a number of previous customer-facing apps. He is the tech lead for Second Opinions.

Vishnu Aggarwal, Co-Founder

Vishnu is a Co-Founder of Rate8, focused on the app side of the business.